Resume Writing Course
Key Learning Outcomes 1.Make an assessment on your suitability for a position
2.Understand the key elements to a successful and professional application
3.Make decisions on what to include in an application and why
4.Write an application that reflects your capability to meet requirements
5.Prepare for an interview

The purpose of this course will be to provide the skills, knowledge and understanding behind the writing process that will help you prepare a successful application. Our primary goal is the presentation of material to ensure that you are assessed on merit rather than your ability to write. This can be a long term process however it is worth the effort. Since 2001, The Writing Wizards has helped thousands of clients with this process. We now operate at a success rate of 80%. Our commitment to continual improvement and willingness to work with clients in achieving results has been mutually beneficial. Our extensive experience ensures that we can explain in clear and easy to understand language the content required and why it is selected. How to place this content in your resume is important for flow and easy reading. We want a potential employer to make a decision on suitability based on evidence and not your writing ability.

» Clear explanation of how to write and structure a resume
» Additional material on writing cover letters and performing at interview
» Examples provided using actual content
» Myths explained including the use of “Special” words or language
» Small class sizes
» Zoom platform used to ensure you can view or participate from any location
» Capacity to ask questions and seek guidance
» Detailed workbook and resources providedMake a difference and understand how to professionally write your applications.Date: 14/09/21: Time: 6:30pm – 7:30pm * Cost: $49.00 including GST

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