Selection Criteria Course
Key Learning Outcomes » Understand the Government selection process
» Determine your suitability for a role
» Learn how to interpret questions and select examples
» Understand how to write examples using the STAR principle
» Structure and present your information
» Prepare resumes and cover letters By the time clients reach us they are either frustrated writing their own material or do not know where to start. Successful preparation of job applications and selection criteria is based on your ability to show in depth examples on how you meet each of the criterion or questions being asked. Information presented needs to be relevant, clear and concise. Your job in this process is to demonstrate capability and skill through process. The important component is how. What are the steps you take to make sure that a task is completed? It is through process and how you undertake a task that we show depth of knowledge. This can be done with the STAR (Situation, Task, Action and Result) principle or any relevant structure that considers action and outcome. Link this process to the question being asked and the context of the role as shown in the position description and you are on the way to a professional application. The focus of this course will be for you to prepare a response to a selection criteria or suitability statement. You need to demonstrate your capability. This course will step you through the important steps of selecting and presenting your examples and evidence.
» Clear explanation of how to write your application along with supporting information such as resumes and cover letters
» Additional material on performing at interview
» Examples provided using actual content
» Myths explained including the use of “Special” words or language
» Small class sizes
» Zoom platform used to ensure you can view or participate from any location
» Capacity to ask questions and seek guidance
» Detailed workbook and resources provided Make a difference and understand how to professionally write your applications. Date: 16/09/21 Time: 6:30pm Length: 2 hours / Contact us for more details. Cost: $75.00 including GST

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