Do we Need Another Job Search Site?

I might be getting old. I can remember when the only avenue for finding a new job was to read the local or national newspaper. The career section used to be full of pages and pages of employment ads. Everything has changed. A number of clients have recently made comments on the lack of available jobs or down turn in employment ads based on the career section with the newspapers. As we now know this is not true. The majority of advertisements are placed online with major sites such as, CareerOne and recently CareerOne is a News Corp backed site that recognised early on the transition to online advertisements for employment. was launched in 2005 in the United States with a slight twist. Much like Google, acts as a search engine for employment advertisements. Results on this site are pulled from a wide range of different locations, other career websites and company ads. For clients and jobseekers expecting the same type of support and resources associated with sites like you will be disappointed. This site is different to a dedicated employment based portal. The purpose of is to take the hard work out of searching multiple sites and bring to your desktop dedicated, keyword-based results.

How does it work?

The concept of conducting searches on your behalf has been in business for a number of years. Tender search companies are a highly profitable and large organisations which operate on the same principle. Seeking and emailing to you notifications that match your search parameters. works in a similar fashion. Behind the scenes employers post ads and pay for impressions or clicks. This is a new, user pays approach to job advertisements unusual to this sector. As a result employers are more likely to receive more specific and better targeted applications.

For the jobseeker this system has a number of advantages and disadvantages. The advantage is that information and ads are gathered from a number of different sites without time consuming, individual searches. Jobs that match your criteria will be sent directly through alerts to your mobile or email address. From this step you can easily access advertisements and download requirements for making an application.

There are number of disadvantages to this system. Complaints and reviews online indicate that outdated jobs are often posted were advertisements continue to be held on third party sites. Questions are also raised about privacy and confidentiality of information submitted to this site. As a generic search engine model individual resumes can be posted on other third party sites.

The application of this system is only as good as the capacity to attract advertisers. The pay per click system for employment ads is new and can be confusing. As a result employers can be discouraged from directly utilising this system. However even withdrawing advertisements and placing them on a different site may result in the ad being posted through the search engine function.

How to get the best results?

The big question is will you be using to help you get a job. Possibly the best approach when utilising this site is to set up the search function and receive notifications for positions on third party sites. When this notification is received visit this site and make an application directly through their employment processes. This will prevent any issues with utilising to apply for positions and shortcut many of the complaints associated with lodging resumes or applications.

A quick review of the will show how this site works. The site even looks like a search engine. If you use this site for its intended purpose there will be opportunity to quickly identify positions and vacancies that may take time consuming and individual searches.

When a jobseeker recognises the intended purpose of this site and how actually works there can be success in identifying vacancies.

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John Matthews