Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback: Have you learnt to spell yet?

Negative customer feedback hurts. There is no getting away from that. So when we received the following feedback it was sharp.

“Have you learnt to spell yet?”

We can put out the usual list of excuses, customers that don’t understand the editing process, preparing 5,000 words a day, product and technical names that will always show as a spelling error. But in reality it is our job to be better than that. Our brand has always been based on helping people, our approach is to always work with clients, make unlimited edits and continue until the final product is right.

What has this feedback taught us?

Our goal is to assist clients to achieve a predetermined result either using a professional resume, tender, selection criteria or other document. The vital link in this process is the customer. So we now have a behavioural value we use in all business, including any interaction, internal and external. “No-one is more important than the person in front of you”. This applies to everyone, customer, supplier, employee or manager.

We are a professional writing company and we produce great material that gets people results. And even in the case relating to this feedback we made a significant improvement to the resume. What do we do differently?

– Provide copies in draft PDF form so that customers have to interact with us
– Ensure each piece of work is checked by more than one person
– Focus on quality works and explain the process to clients seeking urgent turnaround times
– We have zero tolerance for bullying or aggressive behaviour. But we do believe all feedback has some value. We continue to improve and look forward to any interactions with customers. Have we improved? Yes we have. Using a draft PDF reinforces more editing may be required and makes our customers to talk to us. We continue to work closely with customers and achieve great results.

Have a great day.

John Matthews