Tenderlink Review

Tenderlink Review, a Strategic Decision

Unless you have been hiding under a rock it is difficult to avoid tender notification services. Tenderlink is just one of many services that provide notifications. In fact Tenderlink along with a number of other services has so many features and products now from basic notifications through to tender writing courses and business portals. The use of a tender notification service such as Tenderlink can be an essential strategy for business growth and development. However engaging these services can be costly depending on the actual service required and geographic areas covered. As part of this Tenderlink review we consider the strategy behind choosing a company like this and the value it adds to your organisation.

What do they do?
Essentially a service such as Tenderlink’s primary or core business is to provide notifications on tender releases to customers. When initially signing up for this service the customer selects a number of parameters or criteria that determines the potential tenders supplied and cost. This includes specifics such as industry type, number of users and geographic region. The service then forwards any tender notifications that fit this criteria to your inbox for your further investigation. Additional services such as courses and resources are also available. The effectiveness of businesses such as Tenderlink are widely discussed and often debated. Tender notifications through this system can be much quicker and more effective than undertaking extensive searches. The use of this type of system can save a significant amount of time for business.

How much does it cost?
To understand your investment in this service and determine how valuable it is to your business it is important to know costs and what drives them. The cost of this service is based on your selections. Prices as found on their site include:

– Bronze (1 state, 10 users) $675 + GST per annum
– Silver (2 – 3 states, 10 users) $1190 + GST per annum
– Gold (National, 10 users) $1915 + GST per annum
– Platinum (Australasia, 10 users) $2125 + GST per annum

Why is this information important? Understanding how costing is structured helps you decide if this service is for you and a good investment for your business.

Should I buy?
Making an investment in this service is an important business decision. First you have to understand your market and future goals for growth and sustainability. Consider Joe the cleaner. He has a contract with the local council and is happy cleaning and working in this area. Does he need this service? In theory no. He has regular contact with the Council, gets the local paper and has registered with the local Government tender site to receive notifications. The only situation where using the Tenderlink service would be peace of mind to make sure that when the next round of tenders is released he is notified.

However, Bob, Managing Director of a security company has plans to expand throughout the state. New tender notifications is an essential part of business growth and development. In this situation information is vital. Quick and early notification of tenders is important to making an informed decision on applying or if the tender fits future business growth and direction. That decision is a completely new topic.

Value Added
As a professional tender writing business we get calls from new and existing clients on a regular basis. One recently included a client who was waiting for a major mining company to let them know about the release of a tender for work they were already doing. They didn’t and the closing date passed. It is not the job of these companies to let you know. It is your job to find the advertisement and submit a tender within the required timeframe.

You should engage a tender notification company such as Tenderlink if:

– Your company or business is looking to expand and grow
– You know or are aware of Government and private contracts only awarded through tender
– There are a number of essential tenders a year that are important to your business

If you satisfy these requirements this service is for you. Know your business goals and understand where future business comes from to make an informed decision.

Best of luck with your tendering.

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John Matthews