Business Writing

The Business of Writing
I started this business in 2001. Before that I was always being asked to help friends with resumes, Government applications and tenders. When these people started to win jobs and contracts I thought there could be something in this.

From the very beginning I started with the one idea, individual content. Regardless of how many similar applications or tenders we produce the content would be written from scratch for that particular client. The result has been some excellent success, but even when not successful we have always represented clients as an individual and sought to find that point of difference.

The lessons we have learnt from this 13 years of experience you can use when preparing any document whether it is a resume or tender. Here are a few things to focus on when writing:

– Understand your audience: This will provide the context of the information you provide. Read guiding documents, position descriptions, web sites or anything that might be relevant.
– Do your research: Organisations like it when you know what they are about or their unique position in industry.
– Point of difference: What is it about you that really stands out? Have you done a specific project, undertaken a complex task or taken on additional responsibility. What is it about you that really stands out.
– Be consistent: There are as many types of presentations and fonts as there are people. Whatever you choose make sure it is consistent throughout the document.

What makes our documents successful is a strong and consistent voice. We are delivering a message, one that hopefully wants to be heard.

What is trending now is content. We have always known content in king. Good quality content beats presentation every time and that is what we do.

We have really focussed on being individual in this market and our quality business writing and content has been successful for clients.

John Matthews