How much does a resume cost?

How much does a resume cost?
Professional resume services are in abundance. A simple search on Google reveals a wide range of services and options available to the average person. Just in our local region of Townsville, resume services vary from small, part-time operations to businesses like ourselves who are full-time and have extensive experience. With each different service is a broad range of costs. The price of a resume can vary from $30 through to almost $1000. So how much does a resume cost and what goes into preparing a resume that may influence your decision on choosing a potential provider.

How to write a resume?
If you have attempted to write your own resume you will understand the challenges faced in producing something unique, consistent, professional and concise. There are many articles on how to write a resume however understanding this process contributes to help understand costs associated with a professional resume. Here is a list of the items we consider when preparing resumes:

– Intended career direction or specific position required by the client
– Current training, certificates and courses
– Employment history with detailed points on duties and responsibilities
– Referees that can demonstrate skills and capabilities
– Transferable skills that are drawn from the experience and capability of clients that match the position or industry type

The Writing Process
An important consideration in understanding how much a resume costs is the underlying process behind resume production. To create a professional resume that is targeted towards individual clients and is successful there is a significant underlying process. For our company this includes:

– In-depth interview lasting 30 to 45 minutes for each client to clearly understand experience, qualifications and intended purpose for the resume
– Selection of a resume style and presentation that is professional and suits the individual client
– Development of a draft resume with all content
– Edit of drafts by an additional staff member who has not prepared the material
– Submission of drafts to clients to review and check
– Manage unlimited adjustments, changes or edits
– Provision of a Microsoft Word document to clients to enable self-editing, email, Internet uploads and printing
– Storage of all resumes on an internal database
– Follow-up email to assess the success of the application or resume

Apply this process and repeat for approximately 40 to 80 clients per month for 13 years. It is through this experience that we have developed an extensive industry knowledge that helps to extract from our clients the important skills and experience that will assist in gaining a position.

How much does a resume cost?
The cost for a professional resume produced by our company is $205 including GST. However, what are you really buying? As shown above there is a significant process involved in writing a professional resume. A person who selects our company is buying experience. Our prices have been selected on providing sufficient time that allows an individualised approach to each resume and client. While we advocate for appropriate and professional pricing, selecting a service that charges a cost of $40 may indicate the level of expertise and attention to detail applied to your specific situation.

Clients are purchasing from us an ability to think on their behalf. We use effective questioning, invest time and continue to develop resources that will maximise their chances of being successful. Our goal is for clients to be assessed based on their capability to complete a specific task and not write a professional resume. Quality materials always wins over cost and budget. When considering how much a resume costs it is worth noting if you can afford not to contact us.

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