Winning Government Jobs

Winning Government Jobs
Employment within the Government sector is considered by many people to be a safe and secure option. On a daily basis we provide assessment to clients in relation to their suitability for positions and potential to be successful within the recruitment process. The most difficult concept for potential applicants to understand when applying for Government jobs is the importance of being competitive in the selection process. There is a significant difference between being capable of completing the required duties and being competitive in winning a Government job. Many applicants have the capability to meet the requirements however find it difficult to compete during this process.

The key to winning a government job is a professional selection criteria. This is not news to most applicants. Government has changed focus recently to shorter, more concise responses. However within the position description there will be a number of issues and information that indicate your suitability to be selected.

Before considering each of these items it is important to note that it is a competitive job market. Anecdotal information provided by clients along with our discussions with human resource managers indicates that record numbers of applications are being received for most positions. This information is important when considering your ability to meet desirable criteria.

When conducting an assessment on selection criteria for a Government job it is important that you meet the following requirements:

– Mandatory qualifications
– All items listed under “are you the right person for the position”
– Desirable qualifications or criteria
– Experience in all of the major responsibilities

Your success in applying for a Government job is based on an ability to ensure the panel understands your capability to meet the above requirements. It is not surprising we recommend using a professional resume writer to prepare your job application. This allows your application to be considered based on your experience and skills and not the ability to write responses.

It is possible for applicants to breakthrough and gain positions without previously been employed in Government roles. This is however a challenging process that sometimes requires the ability to take on short-term and contract positions to gain experience. Consider applying for lower positions and working up to the required level as a strategy for entering the Government sector.

Applying for a Government job is a longer and more complex process than in private industry. Understanding the application process and preparing an application according to instructions is critical to success.

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Best of luck in your job application.

John Matthews