Resume Writing is Marketing

Even if you are from Mars

Quite some time ago when I was still applying for positions in the community sector I attended an interview for a project coordinator role. This was a panel interview with two members of the community and the current manager of the service. Throughout the interview everything progressed as normal. However, an unusual line of questioning still sticks in my mind. It went something like this:

Panel Member: How would you describe yourself to a person from Mars?

Me: Down to Earth

Panel: (Silence, sound of crickets in background)

To this day I still feel my answer was correct and insightful. I use this example during resume writing courses which always gets recognition as a “dad” joke.

This example highlights the importance of marketing yourself during the job application process. Resume writing is marketing.

We have heard the following statements on a daily basis. Have you said any of these:

– I don’t like to blow my own trumpet.

– I don’t like to talk about myself.

– I don’t have tickets on myself.

If you have said these things then don’t be surprised when you are unsuccessful. This could be the primary reason why you are not receiving calls when submitting your resume or achieving employment. Your responsibility is to provide enough information on your skills and experience to allow a potential employer to make a decision about your suitability for a particular job.

You must find a balance between providing the correct information to an employer and not misleading them on skills and qualities you do not possess. Failure to tell an employer what you have to offer will often result in rejection. Provide sound, positive and professional information that indicates how you can benefit an employer. Here are some of the key things an employer is looking for when reviewing your resume:

– Relevant qualifications
– Recent experience in similar roles
– Completion of tasks or duties similar to the expectations of the position
– Willingness to learn, adapt to new environments and follow direction
– An important part of your resume is to prepare a transferable skills or summary section at the very beginning. – – Don’t leave anything to chance or rely on an employer having to read your responsibilities under each position and determine for themselves your suitability. Summarise these key points and add them to the start of your resume to make sure they are reinforced and highlighted.

Resume writing is marketing you and your capability to meet a specific employer’s expectations and requirements. Get this balance right and you will be successful.

Oh and in case you are wondering whether I was successful or not in getting that job – I didn’t get it, I came second.

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John Matthews