Job Application; Dealing with Rejection

Why nobody loves you?

Technology is great. For example at The Writing Wizards I am planning on making a voice recording with the following text:

“To win a job you must be competitive against other applicants, being able to do the job alone is not good enough”

On average I would repeat this phrase 3 to 4 times per day. The majority of clients ask if they are suitable for a specific position. It would be great to have a crystal ball. Being successful in your job application is based on an ability to understand the employer, their requirements and provide the relevant information. To achieve this accurately every time is almost impossible.

Rejection is not fun

Receiving a rejection letter or phone call is never fun. I offer a unique position through 14 years of experience in writing professional resumes and job applications at all levels along with employing staff. As a result I have prepared material on behalf of clients along with reviewing resumes submitted for internal positions.

It is as difficult to send rejection letters or make phone calls as it is to receive them. I have been on both sides of this equation.

Why are you getting rejected?

There are three main reasons why you are being rejected and not securing a position:

1.Poor quality application, resume, cover letter or selection criteria
2.Failure to understand the position and the responsibilities
3.Superior competition
4.In no order of importance these three issues make up the majority of reasons for rejection and failure to secure an interview or job. Combine all three and you have a perfect trifecta.

The solution

I have reviewed many applications as an employer. Combine this with my experience as a professional resume writer and the result is a unique perspective on writing resumes and professional job applications. Ask yourself the following questions:

1. Do I fully understand the roles and responsibilities and can I meet all expectations?
2. Does my resume or job application sell me against each of these expectations?
3. Will I be competitive against other applicants?
4. Do I have experience, examples or other information that will make me stand out?
5. Is my job application presentable, professional and free of errors and mistakes?

When reviewing job applications I had an advantage. To secure a position as a professional resume writer your application needs to be of the highest quality. I understood what was important to the position and selected applicants based on the information provided within their resume. I examined a number of factors including presentation, content and general tone of the application.

It can be frustrating when preparing a job application. To understand the critical points for each application requires attention to detail, time and effort. Not all people have the capability and time to meet this requirement.

Preparing a successful job application is almost always a result of understanding the employer, the position and how you can deliver.

Best of luck in preparing your application.

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John Matthews