Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback: Have you learnt to spell yet? Negative customer feedback hurts. There is no getting away from that. So when we received the following feedback it was sharp. “Have you learnt to spell yet?” We can put out the usual list of excuses, customers that don’t understand the editing process, preparing 5,000 words a … Continue reading Customer Feedback

Resume Hacks

The right information in a glance Are you sick of reading endless blogs on how to write your resume? Some people think that we are crazy, but here is it, our greatest resume hacks, posted online for a limited time. Turn your resume from rubbish to outstanding in minutes. Seriously if need help you know … Continue reading Resume Hacks

Business Writing

The Business of Writing I started this business in 2001. Before that I was always being asked to help friends with resumes, Government applications and tenders. When these people started to win jobs and contracts I thought there could be something in this. From the very beginning I started with the one idea, individual content. … Continue reading Business Writing

Beating Redundancy

How to beat redundancy? Get ahead and come out a winner Never is there more terrible news for an employee when your position is made redundant. The Australian Broadcasting Commission on the 11th of September 2012 reported that the Queensland Government would axe 14,000 positions. So far the Queensland Government has delivered on its promise. … Continue reading Beating Redundancy